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Author – Cathryn Louis

Pages – 312

Publisher – Bookbaby

Summary –

High-rise condo. Makes millions with her laptop. ‘A’ lister. She really knows how to live…or die.

Gabrielle Winston is sure that overcoming a broken heart is her biggest problem until she makes a series of discoveries that threaten to cure her heartbreak by ending her life.

Jarin San Chapelle, a successful artist and corporate executive, has stopped looking for ‘the one’ but then unexpectedly finds her just in time for danger to separate them.

Sparks fly–and someone gets burned.
My Rating – 2 Stars

*I received a digital copy of this novel from Netgalley on behalf of Independent Book Publishers Association and Bookbaby*

Gabrielle is some kind of financial analyst and she has this super awesome computer program that she designed herself, called Sparks. During an analysis that she’s not even technically supposed to be doing because it’s against company policy, her program detects a huge crash in the market that will affect thousands of people. (Think our real financial meltdown we had a few years ago) She brings this to the attention of her bosses and eventually they discover a plot to take over the company and there’s murder and love and a kidnapping.

Okay I honestly didn’t understand half this book. There is page after page of financial industry jargon and information about how the market works, and stocks and bonds and investments and I had to google most of it to even understand what the characters frackin’ talking about.

Gabrielle is very unlikable and totally emotionally unstable. She mocks her mother for grieving about her father’s death and is so upset about her analysis that she mixes prescription pain killers with booze to help her sleep.

Jarin is the standard rich, gorgeous, unbelievable talented artist, playboy dude that is only mentioned a few times until over half the book is over when he meets Gabs by chance on the beach and guess what…HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH HER.

Overall this book was very fanfictiony. There is italicized inflection on almost every page, all the male characters are over 6ft and sexy, while Gabs is tiny and vulnerable. Jarin is mega protective of her, though on their second he grabs her and refuses to let her go even though she’s screaming and kicking.

I suppose if you like romance novels that feature two characters that fall in love after only a week and has tons of financial planning industry tech speak, then this is probably the book for you and you’ll probably love it.  If not, then I say pass.