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Sister Mercedes and the Temple of Doom

Official Stuff –

Author – Brian C. Petti

Pages – 202 (Estimated)

Publisher – Self-published

Summary –

“Sister Mercedes and the Temple of Doom” is a collection of blog posts from playwright and author Brian C. Petti. From the depiction of the author’s upbringing as a fat, shy Catholic school boy to the vagaries of family life to trying to live hand-to-mouth while on disability, “Sister Mercedes” is a sometimes hysterically funny, sometimes tragic and always human glimpse behind the veil of parenthood, marriage, pop culture and the world in general.

My Rating – 4 Stars

*I received a digital copy of this book from the author for a fair review*

This review is going to be kind of short because I don’t need to really give an overview of the plot. Woohoo!

Sister Mercedes is, as it says from the summary, a collection of blog posts written by Brian C. Petti. The posts are hilarious, witty, and very entertaining. He tells stories from childhood up until current adulthood and also gives us some short bits of his plays.

I can relate to about 90% of the posts. Though I did not attend a Catholic school, I did attend a parochial school for elementary with scary women in charge that could (and would) physically harm you. I still have issues walking through a dark house to go to the bathroom (though I don’t pee in the corner but my oldest has). I have hated my children at times, been stuck in a crappy rental, and fed my kids crappy food out of desperation. I hate when people leave drawers and cabinets open (I get where your wife is coming from on that one, Mr. Petti). The mental image you get after reading the skiing post is pretty funny.

Mixed in with the funny posts are posts about his illness, and though I’m not chronically ill myself, I’ve had family members that are/have been and it’s no picnic.

I really enjoyed this book. I’ve never actually heard of Mr. Petti before this but I will definitely be checking out his blog. I recommend this book if you need a good laugh and/or a break from angtsy teen YA love triangles. As Mr. Petti says in the beginning of the book “Read the first entry – if you don’t snicker at the description of the woman who has 19 children, you probably won’t like the rest.”

Sister Mercedes and the Temple of Doom