Keeping It Real

New projects, redesigns, collaboratives–what do you do to keep blogging fresh for you? Post about your ideas and experiences, link up, and find inspiration in what other bloggers are doing!

My blog is still pretty new, I don’t really have any ideas for keeping it fresh. I suppose I try keeping it fresh by posting as often as possible and not letting it die and go to blog heaven.

I may redesign it if I hit my year mark and take myself up on the promise of buying my domain name. But I’m kind of attached to my purple and my swirlies.

I probably should take part in some memes. That requires time though, and I don’t always have that at my disposal.

I’m down for suggestions!

Children/YA Literature

What are your favorites? Why do you love children’s literature? Did you write a post about it? Share it with us!

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate children’s and teen literature, do you? 

My favorite! I love YA books. I feel like they are much more imaginative than Adult books. A lot of  Adult books focus on real adult problems; I am an adult (in age at least)  I don’t want to read about problems I have to face in my daily life. I read to escape and be lost. Plus like I said in a previous post, sex in books makes me giggle. YA tends to just allude to sex or just have some great UST (or some really great dry humping, Hopeless anyone?).

Most of the books I post about are YA books. It’s funny to me because when I was in middle/high school I read Adult books and now as an adult I read YA books (I read Interview with a Vampire in 7th grade and The Stand in 9th grade. my grandmother really should have checked my library selections) . As a kid you’re like “I can’t wait to be an adult” and now as an adult you’re like “Being an adult sucks. I want to be a kid again.” So now I kinda get to be a kid again, through books.

There’s been a lot of weird negativity about adults reading YA books and I just don’t get it. If a book is well written and entertaining, why does it matter if it’s a YA or an Adult book? A book is a book (unless it’s 50 Shades and then it’s something else). I say read what you want. Enjoy what you want.

Books every kid/young adult should read :


Chronicles of Narnia (forget the Christian propaganda, these are damn good books)

Judy Blume books

Percy Jackson

Lemony Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events

Charlotte’s Web

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

As a kid I really enjoyed the American Girl books, Anne of Green Gables.

Any Dr. Seuss book.

 I’m sure there are more but I’ve only had one cup of coffee today.