Other Genres

If our daily genre features missed your favorite, post about it today and share it here!

I think every genre I post about was covered. General fiction is pretty much all inclusive of everything I read and review.

Wrap Up

Well, I have to say, my first year joining in Armchair BEA was a semi-success. I got my blog out there for more people to view. I got a new follower!

Bookish Temptations (and I followed them back)

I got a lot of comments (well, a lot more than I usually do, since I usually get ZERO)

I also discovered some new blogs to follow:

Cheap Thrills Book Blog

The Relentless Reader

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Reviews

Tattooed Books

Thinks Books

West Virginia Red Reads

I’m sure there are more awesome blogs I missed but I just barely had time to post, so I really didn’t get to browse a lot of other blogs that Linked Up. I will go back and check out some posts.

I would like to thank all the people that took the time to view my little blog and commented.

Also a very big thank you to the organizers of the Armchair BEA. You guys are awesome!

Until next year.