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And the Soft Wind Blows

Official Stuff –

Author – Lance Umenhofer

Pages – 146

Publisher – April Gloaming Publishing

Summary –

Timmy Enosh is a peculiar, small man: fivethree, onehundredandfifteen pounds, and is a pharmacist in Ashton City, Tennessee.

He finds himself at fortythreeyearsold as his life starts to fall apart: his threehundred pound wife disappears, his romantic interest has lost interest and has gained hatred toward him, his coworkers harass him, customers verbally assault him, and he has the strange urge to adopt his foulmouthed, eighteenyearold coworker, Alex.

When things start to pile up, Timmy must find a way to deal: he turns to Alex to supply him with marijuana, starts sewing an elaborate Mr. Mistoffelees costume, finds solace in the wild, etc., etc., etc.

And the soft, constant wind of change blows him on, on, and on.

My Rating – 3 Stars

I received a copy of this novella from the author/publisher in exchange for a fair review.

Timmy is a very downtrodden man. He had a controlling mother and he has a controlling wife. His life is life is boring and dull and he dreams of someday running off with his favorite waitress at his favorite restaurant. He fantasizes about co-workers but can barely work up the courage to say more than a few words to them. He doesn’t know how to be assertive, though he wishes he could just get the guts to do and say what he wants.

His life starts to fall apart with he (jokingly) says the wrong thing to his favorite waitress, effectively getting him beat up and banned. His wife doesn’t come home and has been seen out with another man. His pharmacy techs take off and leave him to deal with rude customers.

So how does he decide to cope? With drugs of course! (And dressing up as a cat from Cats). grows some balls and starts to speak his mind. His life pretty much falls apart after that.

Since this was only 146 pages, there isn’t much to the story. It was interesting to see how he decided to cope with his life falling apart. The writing was decent however the author often strungwordstogetherlikethisfornoreason. Also, things were intentionally misspelled and I can’t for the life of me understand these editing decisions. It really took me out of the book. I would have liked to have read more of the story but I understand it’s not really that kind of story.

Overall, it was an okay novella but I don’t think it’s for everyone.

And the Soft Wind Blows