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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Romance

Maya Voland doesn’t want to spend her senior year in the cold, isolated town of Shine, Vermont. Reeling from the death of her father and the discovery that her life is a carefully constructed set of lies, Maya wants to escape to a place where she can be invisible.

The residents of Shine can’t let Maya leave. She’s too important to their cause. A manipulator by nature, Maya was born with an extraordinary ability to influence the emotions and actions of others. Shiners will go to great lengths to train her to use those gifts to further their agenda, before other, more sinister forces intercede.

Shea Knightly has been waiting most of his life for Maya to come back home to Shine. He, too, has powers of persuasion and he’s never encountered a girl who can say no to his stunning looks and overwhelming charm. He’ll pull out all the stops to bring Maya into the fold.

Now Maya must decide—is the intense attraction she feels for Shea reciprocated, or is he just feeding her more lies to draw her into the dangerous world of the Shiners? Even if there is something real between them, what price is she willing to pay to make his cause her own?

Peacemaker (Peacemaker series, #1)

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The Cosplaying Librarian

Guest Post:

10 Random Facts about the Author, Eva Gerald

Thanks for providing me with an opportunity to share some facts about myself with readers. I had fun compiling this list. As a heads up, I’m really good at following directions. You asked for random, so . . .

1. I love my two children above all else. The fact that at this very moment one of them is wearing

several pairs of underwear over his shorts, has his ankles bound together with duck tape and

is being chased around by the other who is wielding a broom and yelling “die, monster, die,” doesn’t in any way detract from my love for them. Really, I love these boys. Really, I do.

2. I’ve been married for seventeen years and have yet to remember an anniversary. Yes, I read and write romance, I don’t live it.

3. My husband always remembers our anniversary. And no, I don’t think of the flowers and cardthat he presents at the end of the day as romantic. The smirk he wears says it all. The lesson here is that if you want your boyfriend or husband to remember such occasions you should forget them. Apparently, that serves as a challenge. I should write a book about this.

4. I’m a lawyer. Don’t hate me. Really, I’m very nice.

5. I have a pool in my basement. I’m not crazy, I just like to swim.

6. My husband is a big DIYer. He built the aforementioned pool in the basement. He tends to go all out with things like this. When I mention crazy notions like putting an Endless pool in the basement he grumbles for a while about his wife’s insanity and then embraces the notion with such gusto that I end up with not just a pool, but a sanctuary for the water sport inclined. The room even has a pillar. I call it our Roman baths.

7. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite show on television. My husband, brother, and most of the people I work with are engineers. Is it wrong that I enjoy laughing at their expense so much?

8. Julia Quinn is my favorite author. I like to laugh and she does witty dialogue like nobody else.

9. Tweeting is an entirely new experience for me. Prior to publishing Peacemaker, I only knew # as a pound sign. I’m not that old, just social media inept.

10. Peacemaker is my debut novel, although I once tried my hand at a historical romance. It turns out that someone who has never been to England and has no knowledge of the nineteenth century has no business writing a book set in Regency era England. Who knew?


Official Stuff –

Author – Eva Gerald

Pages – 250

Publisher – Shine Publishing

Series – Peacemaker

My Rating – 3 Stars

*I received a digital copy of this novel from the author*

Maya is stuck in small town hell. Forced to move from Virginia to Vermont after the unexpected death of her father, Maya just wants to be invisible and let senior year pass by so she can get the EFF out of Shine.

If only it was that simple.

She catches the attention of Tristan, a popular boy from a well-known family. He rushes this shy girl into introductions for half the town and she gets the feeling that something is odd about the town of Shine.

After being pressured into attending a party, she meets Shea, Tristan’s older brother and he’s gorgeous of course. And he tells Tristan he’s not ready to meet Maya yet, he actually throws a bit of a temper tantrum about it, and again Maya wonders what the hell is wrong with this town.

But the next day, there is Shea waiting for her after school; ready to teach her about the town and the people in it.

During her time with Shea, she learns all about her family secrets and also about her powers. And apparently the whole town of Shine has similar powers. Including Shea, and he’s also supposed to be something like her mate. While Maya feels a strong attraction to him, she can’t help but wonder if his attraction to her is real or out of duty. Maya tangles with a jealous ex-girlfriend, meets family she never knew she had, and battles with an Ex-Shine resident turned evil.

Maya is very important to the town of Shine. It’s possible she might be a Peacemaker, someone with great abilities that only comes once every few generations. Maya is the one thing that may keep evil forces out of Shine.

I liked this book. It moved at a very fast pace, never a dull moment. There were a few plot holes and I’m still not quite sure what the powers are and what they are used for. Though Shea was the typical YA book male hottie, it was nice that Maya wasn’t falling all over herself to be with him. She is very attracted to him, but questions the realness of his affections.

Tristan and Shea try to avoid answering a lot of Maya’s questions, which gets a bit annoying because it happens quite often. Maya wonders something, they avoid answering and the truth comes out anyways.

Fallon (the ex-girlfriend) was standard bullying bitchy “how can he be with you when he has me” type character that so often appears in YA books.

The mother daughter relationship seems very strained and odd in the beginning but once more things are explained it’s easier to understand.

A few of the gripes I have with the book could have been easily fixed with a better editor but overall, I was entertained. It was a quick, easy read that kept me interested enough to want to stick around for a sequel.