The lovely Prima at Panda Hearts Books has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. (Thanks chick!)

So apparently I have to nominate 15 blogs and tell you 7 facts about myself.

And here are the awesome blogs I would love to nominate (in no particular order)

books for a delicate eternity

The Flirty Reader

Book Gossips

The Book Belles

Mega Mad 4 Books

What Danielle Did Next

A Lot Like Dreaming


The Write Savage

The Big Nerd

I don’t follow enough blogs! But each of these blogs definitely deserves the nominations.

7 Facts…Let’s see….

1. I want to write a book someday but I have serious doubts about my ability to write a book. So for now the notebook just sits in my dresser, hidden from eyes.

2. I recently went to my first Comic Con type convention (Fan Expo Canada) and found out that i LOVE it. even the crowds and the lines and the waiting.

3. Loved it so much that the fiance and i are considering changing our wedding date so we can make next years convention our honeymoon (go ahead. laugh. i’m okay with it)

4. i still don’t what i want to be when i grow up. and i’m 31.

5. my kids are named after book characters. so is my dog. and a cat.

6. if i wasn’t getting married i would be a full fledged cat lady.

7. i have a harry potter tattoo and a lord of the rings tattoo


Thanks for the nomination, Panda Heart Books!