I recently saw an interesting post on Books With Bite about the money us bloggers spend in books. That is a scary topic.

I’ve always spent a lot of money on books before I started reviewing and though since starting the blog, I’ve gotten a lot of books for free, it definitely hasn’t put a dent in my spending.

I spent roughly $351.40 on books last year.

That breaks down to  –

$88.80 on ebooks

$262.50 on regular books

HOWEVER, that’s just from Amazon. I have no idea what random books I picked up at stores and whatever. Also I won’t spend more than $5 on a kindle book. Honestly them costing more than that makes NO SENSE in my mind. I won’t spend more than $15 on a book unless I really, really want it (I broke that rule with Star Cursed. It was $16). I’m totally fine with waiting on certain books to come out in paperback (I waited for A Dance with Dragons and I’m waiting on NOS4A2).

I also follow several sites that give alerts on daily free ebook deals and keep an eye on kindle prices.

Though my $351.40 sounds like a lot to people in my life that don’t read like I do, I’ve notice that this is nothing to some bloggers! (I WISH I had more money to spend on books!) I should show these totals to my fiance.

I’m going to *try* and keep track of my spending. For far I’ve spent $3.99 on a historical romance ebook (gasp! me?! a historical romance?! it’s something of a resolution. try new genres. we shall see how it goes)