Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish


I don’t have a pretty graphic for this, because I generally don’t participate in these but I have a snow day today and i’m procrastinating. yay! (And I’m trying to actually accomplish my resolutions)

This week’s topic is Resolutions. I hate making resolutions because I never follow through and then I feel bad. But I feel like 2014 might be a good year to start. These are book and non-book related.

1. Read outside my normal genres. I stick to YA, usually paranormal/supernatural and I’m noticing a lot of the books lately kind of…well…they suck. So I’m branching out. Some more adult books. Some new adult, maybe a romance or two. We’ll see.

2. Read the books sitting in my kindle. I follow a lot of free/discounted ebook lists and I see a book with a pretty cover and an interesting plot and I grab it, only to never get to it. I have at least 20 books on my kindle that I’ve never opened and I need to change that.

3. Do better with Netgalley. UGH. I just got my percentage up to 82%. It was at 60% for months. But with school I don’t get to read as much, so I need to request less. Only what I know I’ll get to read within a reasonable time limit. It helps that I just got denied for the books I recently requested (boo.)

4. Post more often. I don’t post as often as I should. With school, work and my family I don’t always have a lot of time but that also hurts my blog. I have a few reviews ready to go so I can try posting at least once a week but I should participate more in things like this.

5. Manage my time better. So I can juggle school, family, and blogging more efficiently! Refreshing tumblr 50,000 times is not good time management.

6. Develop better study habits. One of the downsides of going back to school after years and years of not studying is need to get back into a study grove. This kind of goes with the time management thing.

7. Be more social. At least with other bloggers. I’m social enough in RL. Sorta.

8. Spend more quality time with my family. Not just time with them, quality time. Especially with the kids. We are almost always in the same room but they are each doing their own thing and I’m doing something else. I need to change that.

9. Try to be healthier. Not really lose weight or diet or anything but just to try and be healthier. Small changes, nothing dramatic because those never work for me.

10. Save more money. No explanation necessary, really.