This is a  meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous.

1. I am finally reading the fifth Song of Ice and Fire book (Game of Thrones) book. I love it, just like the others, but I’m slow going. It’s going to take me forever to read because I haven’t had a lot of reading time the past few weeks. Something (kinda?) huge was revealed and I’m so, so glad that I didn’t read any spoilers because I’m pumped to see where it’s going to go in the books. Also no characters that I like are dead (yet, I’m only about 300 pages in. There’s still time).

2. Actual conversation with my fiance – Me-  “The Fault in Our Stars comes out in two weeks.” Him – “The what?” Me -” That movie I want to see that’s going to make me cry.” Him – “Ohhh. Okay. I’ll get my mom to babysit.” Yes ladies and gentlemen, my wonderful fiance is willing to go see it with me. Also, none of my local real life friends will read the book OR go see the movie with me because they know it’s going to make them cry. Losers. And I spoiled the fiance on what happens, so he is prepared.

3. We are switching the rooms around to make room for the baby and I sent fiance to Lowes to pick out paint for our new bedroom. By himself. Oy.

4. I saw Spiderman 2 and Godzilla last weekend and I liked them both! Spidey a bit more though. Also I read this critics review of Spidey 2 and he only gave it 2 stars because Peter Parker is a “crybaby”. Hello?! Let’s list off the valid reasons he cries (THIS LIST CONTAINS SPOILERS)

a) He comes to a revelation about his dead parents. (Oh and his parents are dead, just in case you forgot). b) he misses his dead uncle (who raised him because HIS PARENTS ARE DEAD) c) His best friend turns into an evil psychopath, that tries to kill him. d) he has a complicated relationship with his girlfriend because of a promise he made to her dead father. e) said girlfriend has plans to move to England to attend Oxford. f) Makes things right with girlfriend only to have her tragically die because of evil ex-best friend.

Hmmm yea. i think he has a good reason to cry.

Okay, that’s all for this week folks!