This is a meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous

1. Sigh I hesitate to even write this thought. From what I’ve gathered, it’s unpopular opinion and will probably cost me some followers but oh well. What am I so bother about, you ask? Well it’s this apparent charge against John Green.

Sunday I wasn’t online much, I had some errands to run and while waiting in various lines, I scrolled through twitter on my phone and Lauren DeStefano (and other authors) were incensed about something a male author said. Other people were chiming in and saying some really terrible things about this particular author. And I thought “man, some dude must had said something really effed up.” Later, when I got home and being bored on tumblr, I saw what had caused all the ruckus, this:


And I literally said, out loud, “are you fucking kidding me?!” and I laughed. People are so mad, so pissed by this dumb comment that they started an ALL DAY twitter campaign against him? I’m not going to lie, my mind was blown. I actually saw people telling him to “choke on a dick”. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Obviously, people are allowed to be offended by whatever they want but to me this comment was the equivalent of one person winning a game and saying “I’m awesome. I’m the best ever.” in a very non-serious, joking way (I live with a gamer, a lot of my friends are gamers, this is a regular thing to me). You just kind of laugh and roll your eyes and move on.

I then saw lists of movies where the girl kissed the guy first. You know what, I actually had to think, and think hard about the movies where a girl kisses the guy first, and if I have to think that hard, then there obviously aren’t enough. Are there movies where girls kiss first? Of course there are! Does John Green actually think he invented this? Nope! Of course not, he said something kind of dumb but not intentionally offensive, and I challenge every single one of you to swear on a kitten that you’ve never done the same thing and if you can do that, then you have a right to tear John to pieces.

Then there was another thing that got people upset:


This led to a huge post on tumblr (too long for me to screencap) that basically said he was a liar and a sexist , and they named 5 movies “proving” him wrong. 5. Out of the thousands of movies released each year, and only one of which opened up in the summer. They mentioned:

Twilight (Only Eclipse was release during summer)
Frozen (Released on Thanksgiving)
Hunger Games (Not released during the summer)
Gravity (Not released during the summer)
Maleficent (Released only weeks before in May to my surprise, honestly.)

Here’s the thing, he might have worded a different way but he’s not entirely wrong. Traditionally May to the end of August is considered Summer Blockbuster time, a time generally held for male driven action movies. There has ALWAYS been a lack of female led movies during summer. Movie studios have always been cautious of female driven movies, I mean, this is the reason we don’t have a freaking’ Wonder Woman movie yet. In fact, this was brought up during the last Oscars, where Cate Blanchett said “people see them! they make money!”

I was surprised to see that TFioS was going to be released during the summer. Typically movies like that are held for spring/fall/winter. Not always, of course, but generally speaking. There has been a problem with lack of good female roles, in fact tumblr talks about it quite frequently.

On to the third thing:


First of all, I’m really bothered by the romanticizing women comment. Nothing about Hazel’s situation in TFioS makes me want her life. I don’t think a damn thing about her cancer is idealized. She has cancer for fucks sake, she can’t breathe. People can still have a life AND have cancer (depending on various things). My mom lived 20 years after they told her she only had 5 and she lived a fairly normal life. She still swallowed 10 pills a day and had a doctors appointments like twice a month but she traveled, she lived, she did whatever the hell she wanted. She fell in love, a lot.

And writing a book about someone with cancer is only romanticized if they describe their having cancer as the best experience of their life.

Second of all, does the media take more stock in John Green’s books because he’s male? Yup! Is that John Green’s fault? Nope! He has literally no control of what the media says about him and from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t exactly think that’s fair either.

He issued a huge apology over this whole stupid mess, which you can read HERE, he admitted the things he said were stupid and he apologized and he was very respectful about it and yet people are still giving him shit. Grow up, seriously.

Lastly, this whole thing has made me so mad at the YA book community. Last week, this community banded together in support of each other after that article was published on Slate (I mentioned it last week) and less than a week later, it turns on one of its own. To me, that’s shameful. I unfollowed quite a few people this past week because they wouldn’t let it go, even after he apologized. It’s not much of a community when you turn on someone that makes a mistake.


2. I saw TFioS last Saturday and it was beautiful.

3. I lent out three books to three different people and I’m having terrible anxiety about it. I want my books back. They are like my children! I need to know they are being well taken care off!

4. I started Fangirl today. I’m only a few pages in (20 or 30 I think) but I’m finding the Harry Potter similarities weird. I don’t know why.

5. It’s a boy! His name will be Lincoln, so my fiance (the gamer) can call him Link. As in Link from Legend of Zelda. I can’t say much, considering the girls are Lily (HP) and Arwen (LOTR).