Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week’s topic is: Top Ten Blogging Confessions

1. I hate when my books don’t match. HATE IT. It doesn’t bother me if some books are paperback and some are hardback but if the designs don’t match it drives me insane. My Delirium series doesn’t match covers, so I put it at the bottom of my bookshelves so it’s less noticeable. My Cahill Witch Chronicles don’t match either, which bothers me more because I think the newer covers are terrible. The cover of the first book was gorgeous. See –

Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)Star Cursed (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #2)Sisters' Fate (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #3)

Look at how pretty the first book is! The font doesn’t match, nothing matches! BLECH!

2. I dog ear my books. I crack spines. I eat around my books and all my Game of Thrones books have food stains in them. I love my books like my daughter loves her stuffed Eeyore that she’s been carrying around since she could walk. They are worn. Most of my books are in good condition but the ones I really love and have read more than twice, they are visibly loved.

3. I love Twilight and it drives me nuts when people say they are ashamed of liking the series. There are far, far worse books out there, darlings. Are they perfect? Lol hell no! Are they entertaining? YES! Which is the whole point of books. To entertain you. Being ashamed of what you read allows other people to think they can shame you. Last summer I went off on my brother-in-law for trying to make fun of me for liking Twilight and let’s just say he’s hasn’t mentioned it since. You are entitled to like what you want. (Especially women that love 50 Shades and want to hide their Twilight love. The irony kills me)

If the people reading the bodice-ripper books aren’t ashamed for loving them (and trust me, they aren’t) you shouldn’t be ashamed to like Twilight.

4. I hate reading out loud/ being read to. I don’t know why but it makes me crazy! That’s part of the reason I don’t do audiobooks.

5. I’m insanely jealous of the people that can post a new book review everyday. Do you own a timeturner? A TARDIS? A DeLorean? WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?!

6. I’m also jealous of the blogs that clearly have it more together. I forget to do things all the time, I hardly ever have reviews scheduled. My blog is more of a write the review and then post it. I wish I could get my blog more organized and scheduled. It’s never going to happen though.

7. I feel like reviewing has taken some of the fun out of reading. I don’t feel like I get to lose myself in a book anymore because I have to pick out what works and what doesn’t. And If I do get the chance to completely immerse myself in a book, I usually can’t come up with real reasons why I liked it.

8. Blogging sometimes takes over my life. It bugs me that I let it. I feel like I don’t always have the time to do the other things I want. I started editing something I wrote a long time ago but I haven’t touched it in a month because I feel like I’m failing if I don’t post at least once a week. I know it bothers my fiance sometimes when we are trying to watch something and I’m writing a review or doing something on the blog.

9. I refuse to give up book in my shelves, even if I didn’t like them because they take up pretty space on my shelves. I take pride in the amount of books I own, okay? They look nice with all my nerd stuff in the dining room.

10. I hate running the blog sometimes. *shrugs*. But I haven’t given it up yet, so there’s that. =)