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Author – LeighAnn Kopans

Pages – 392

Publisher – CreateSpace

Series – One Universe

Summary –

When having two powers makes you a Super and having none makes you a Normal, having only one makes you a sad half-superpowered freak.

It makes you a One.

Sixteen-year-old Merrin Grey would love to be able to fly – too bad all she can do is hover.

If she could just land an internship at the Biotech Hub, she might finally figure out how to fix herself. She busts her butt in AP Chem and salivates over the Hub’s research on the manifestation of superpowers, all in hopes of boosting her chances.

Then she meets Elias VanDyne, another One, and all her carefully crafted plans fly out the window. Literally. When the two of them touch, their Ones combine to make them fly, and when they’re not soaring over the Nebraska cornfields, they’re busy falling for each other.

Merrin’s mad chemistry skills land her a spot on the Hub’s internship short list, but as she gets closer to the life she always wanted, she discovers that the Hub’s purpose is more sinister than it has always seemed. Now it’s up to her to decide if it’s more important to fly solo, or to save everything – and everyone – she loves.

My Rating – 4 of 5 stars

I blew through this book in a day. I loved it! The premise is so interesting. In the distant future of America, following a war that caused Uranium to be dumped into the Great Lakes, people have superpowers. Sort of in an X-Men kind of way. More of a mutation in the genes than being accidently acquiring powers from radioactivity.

There are “Normal” people, average citizens with no powers and “Supers” or “Gifted”, people with two superpowers, like they are combustible and indestructible.

And then there are “Ones”, people with only one superpower. Like they are combustible but not indestructible so they can still set themselves on fire but it actually burns them. They are considered the freaks of the Super’s society. And they aren’t exactly welcome in the Normal society either; Normals don’t like the Supers.

Merrin only has one super, she can hover slightly in the air but she doesn’t have the ability to actually fly and it has bugged her ever since she was a child. She’s a science genius and has the goal of beating out all the other applicants for a prestigious internship at the Biotech Hub, and hopefully discovering a way to make herself a full-blown Super.

After her parents decide to take her out of the “Super” high school and send her to the Normal high school after a second power never manifests, she meets Elias. She’s hesitant at first because her experiences with boys at Super High in the past were not pleasant.

Elias is also a One, with a powerful dad, and two very famous Super sisters. He has the power to move air but is unable to actually take flight, which is exactly what Merrin is lacking. Soon they discover that when they touch, they can fly, which Merrin has always wanted.

There is a bit of Insta-love but there is shy attraction at first and then after they learn what they can do together it’s clear they are in love though Merrin holds off on saying it for several months. It kinda of feels like more of a soul-mate thing.

They sneak around with the flying thing because they don’t know what it means or how it really works. Elias’s father is the Vice President of Biotech and he’s always pushed for Elias to fly so when some evidence of their flying comes out, Elias is sent to Biotech for testing. Where they discover that that the Hub has a special interest in Ones, and an even bigger interest in Merrin.

This book could have used some better editing, but it wasn’t so glaringly bad that it took me out of the story. I really liked the twist on the superpowers. They aren’t superheroes; they are just people with special abilities. It was similar to X-Men in a way and since I love X-Men I liked this story.

Merrin is smart and determined. She is way more obsessed with flying and figuring out why they can fly together than Elias is, and that causes some minor problems between the two of them. Elias is kind of shy and seeks the approval of his father. Oh and Merrin is a drummer, which I personally think is awesome. (Chick drummers rule!)

The secondary characters, Leni and Daniel are nice additions, they are also Ones. They also have the ability to combine their powers to do something, which adds to the theory are they attracted to each other because they match powers, or do they match powers because they are attracted to each other? HMMMM.

Overall, great book!

One (One Universe, #1)