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Author – LeighAnn Kopans

Pages – 392

Publisher – CreateSpace

Series – One Universe

Summary –

Elias and Merrin are on the run.

After escaping the Biotech Hub, they thought they could breathe easy, or at least a little easier. But when bombs slam into the Social Welfare Hub only hours after their arrival, it becomes clear there’s nowhere to hide – and no end to what Biotech will do to get them back.

Their last chance for safety and answers is the Clandestine Service Hub. CS has intel on the real, broader purpose behind Fisk’s experiments , and the newfound knowledge of the horrors hidden deep within Biotech’s walls sends Merrin back to recover a secret formula that could ruin the Supers’ world forever—and might just save the lives of the Biotech victims spiraling out of control.

Elias’ sisters are counted among the victims of Fisk’s experiments, and if Elias can’t find and help them, their powers will destroy them–sooner rather than later. Returning to the place it all began terrifies him, but with Fisk ready to make an example out of Merrin, and his sisters’ lives –and the lives of all Supers–hanging in the balance, he might not have a choice. If he can’t find the courage to face his worst fears, Elias might lose more than his newfound powers.

He might lose everyone he loves.

My Rating – 3 of 5 stars

Two is the second book in the One Universe series. This review will contain spoilers about the first book.

I did not like Elias as a narrator. That’s really what put me off from really enjoying this book as much as I did the first one. He is not as strong of a character as Merrin. He had a weak personality and a weak voice.

After the two have escaped the Biotech Hub (by pretty much blowing half of it up). They fly to the safest Hub they can think of, The Social Welfare Hub (hippies and do-gooders). That lasts about a day, so they run (fly) away again to the Clandestine Service Hub (CSH), which is like the CIA.

Once at the CSH, they reunite with Leni and Daniel, their friends that escaped Biotech with them. They are going to be trained to use their powers to the best of the limited ability and work for the Hub.

Slowly they uncover secrets about Biotech and its experiments. One involves Elias’s twin sisters, whom Biotech experimented on a lot. They now how so much power that it’s destroying them and they are causing destruction everywhere they go.

The second secret is that Biotech has created a cure for all Supers. And they plan on dispersing it across America, unannounced. Merrin of course wants to save the day AND figure out a way to make herself a full Super. Elias just cares about saving his sisters and keeping Merrin from harm.

Elias constantly makes Merrin feel bad about her lifelong desire to become a full Super and her need to science! at every moment she gets. He wavers between worrying and being a hormonal teenage boy. Which is all well and good and I guess normal if a boy was in the same situation; however Merrin constantly has to explain her reasoning to Elias. While he has never cared much about his One, Merrin’s lifelong dream has been to figure out a way to become a Super and she’s not willing to give up that dream for a boy, even if it means risking her life. Elias is happy with not being able to fly unless Merrin is helping him, and doesn’t want to change.

Somehow (and I don’t quite understand the science but it is part of what makes Merrin and Elias so special to Biotech) Elias’s sisters transfer indestructibility to Elias which he can transfer to Merrin. He also picks up another Super that is never quite explained. Elias turns into a Professor X type character, where he can hear/see Supers around the world and also hears their voices. I liked some of the similarities between this series and X-Men but I felt this was a little too close. He even had a special room to go into.

Overall it was not that bad of a book, I just prefer the first book.

Two (One Universe #2)