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22303370Guarding Angel

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Author – S. L. Saboviec

Pages – 581

Publisher – Saboviec Publishing

Series – Falling Redemption

My Rating – Did Not Finish.

Got to around 30%

One of the ideas in this book is that humans are reincarnated and before their reincarnation, they choose the path their next life will take. One minor character chooses the path of emotional strife and one of the things she will experience is rape. She
chooses to be raped.
 She not only chooses to be raped but is “adamant that her son be conceived from rape”.

That’s a big fat nope from me. No one would ever choose to be raped. On the flip side of that, that means there is a man who chose, while in Heaven speaking to angels, to rape someone as part of his life path.

It was a minor part, probably inconsequential to the plot as a whole but it was enough to turn me off from the book.