This is a meme hosted by Bookishly Boisterous

1. My son, Lincoln (nickname Link from Legend of Zelda. blame the fiance) is going to be 2 months old on Xmas Eve! YAY! He’s a adorable.

2. The semester is over! I have a little under a month to read as many book as possible. Then the next semester starts. Blah.

3. The fiance accidentally left out a receipt from Amazon and….


No one EVER gives me books for Xmas and i have NO idea why! i have 300+ books in my house and no one thinks to buy me books?!

4. I have a bone to pick with Netgalley. I have an approval percentage of 80% and a feedback ratio of 93.3% and all my requests in the past few months have been completely ignored. I have books that I requested in September that are still “Waiting for Approval”???? I don’t understand. Like if you aren’t going to give me the book, just reject me. I find it kind of unprofessional for publishers to just leave you hanging like that.

5. I’ve been having a Parks and Rec marathon. You should seriously watch that show if you haven’t. WATCH IT.

6. I saw Mockingjay and I loved it. I think it might be one of the very few times that I enjoyed a movie more than the book. I really disliked Mockingjay the book. I have several issues with it but the movie was great.

7. What the hell is that Insurgent trailer.