Long time no see right? Yea, I know. I suck.

I got really busy with school and the baby (almost a year old now!) but I’ve found myself on an unplanned break from school (nothing bad just I was just enrolled in a online school that apparently was not allowed to do internships in my state. hmm) and I’m feeling….not productive.

Funniest thing is, I’ve had better traffic since I haven’t been posting than all my posts combined. CRAZY.

I’m debating coming back to reviewing. I kinda hated it in the end but there was also a lot of drama going on and I never really felt part of the community but fuck, what do I need a community for? I am a LONE WOLF (haha). I also had a lot going one in my RL but the baby sleeps now (sorta).

Maybe I can ease back into it, yea?

Anyway, just some thoughts I wanted to get out there.