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About Me

Once upon a time, there was a little orphan girl. She lived in an abandoned orphanage with other orphans. Everyday she would spend her day in the library, reading about other little girls. Sometimes their lives were better. Sometimes their lives were worse. Her favorites were stories about fairies.

At the library there was a good librarian and an evil librarian. The evil librarian had once caught the orphan girl trying to steal a book. the orphan girl didn’t mean to be bad but she loved the book so much she didn’t want to leave it. So the evil librarian would always follow the girl around and would try to kick her out before closing time.

The good librarian used to give the little orphan girl treats and sometimes books that she could take with her. She was very nice and had a sweet smile. The good librarian would make faces behind the evil librarian’s back, making the little orphan girl laugh.

On the little orphan girl’s twelfth birthday, or what she thought was her twelfth birthday, the good librarian brought her a purple cupcake with a single glittery candle. Blow it out, she said, close your eyes and make a wish. Wishes on the twelfth birthday are very special.

So the little orphan girl shut her eyes tight and wished for a nice home with plenty of books. When she opened her eyes she was disappointed to see she was still in the library. Sometimes wishes take time, the good librarian said.

That night, the little orphan girl dreamed that a beautiful fairy came and took her away to a nice home with plenty of books. She woke up sad because her wish didn’t come true. But when she looked around, she didn’t seethe leaking walls and cracked windows of the abandoned orphanage.

She saw books. Piles and piles of books.

And she wasn’t sleeping on a ratty old blanket. She was in a real bed with a real pillow and a thick comforter. Was she still dreaming? She rubbed her eyes, and pinched her leg, and even smacked her face.

She was awake! She climbed out of bed and ran to the books. Touching the spines, smelling them, trying to choose which one she would read first.

Soon the door opened and in walked the good librarian. Only she had wings! Blue glittery wings.

You’re a fairy! Am I dreaming? The orphan girl asked.

No. I am your fairy godmother. I gave you a magic candle to blow out that makes your wishes come true.

Do I get to live here forever? What’s the catch? The little girl asked.

There is no catch. Your parents traded for the magic candle before they died but it only works on your twelfth birthday. You get to live here forever, with me. Is that what you want?

Yes! The little orphan girl was so excited she ran to the fairy and hugged her tight.

They lived happily ever after in a house of books.

The evil librarian got hit by a bus.

The end


Hello, I’m Chrissy, though for internet security reasons I prefer to stick with punk or punkfarie. I wish I really did live in a house of books. I’m getting close. Which is why I’ve had to start reading ebooks because my family demands proper living space.

Silly family.

I prefer to read Young Adult because I am desperately trying to hold on to my youth and forget that I’m creeping closer toward middle age. That and because Young Adult books tend to focus more on imagination and creativity. I love fantasy; lands filled with knights and princesses and fairies and witches and dragons. I also have a thing for the undead, vampires and zombies are best friends. Lestat will always be my favorite Brat Prince.

I will, however, read anything that looks remotely interesting and I’ve been expanding my genre tastes thanks to this blog and the ARCs that have been graciously given to me by publishers and independent authors.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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